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All people, regardless of disability, are entitled to employment opportunities and equal pay for work. The Arc’s Community Employment Services empower people to discover their employment goals, interests, and strengths—and to receive job development and successful placement assistance with recognized business partners throughout Ventura County.

The Arc works with local businesses who offer opportunities for job seekers to obtain meaningful employment alongside people without disabilities. The Arc is a reliable and consistent source for highly motivated and reliable employees who can help employers reach their business goals.

The Arc helps businesses hire smarter, add value to their workplace, and create a culture of diversity and true inclusion. Our goal is to create a seamless, effective, and efficient hiring process that integrates talent with opportunity to increase a company’s productivity. New hires receive training and skills necessary to succeed in today’s workplace. Our team supports businesses throughout the entire hiring process. We’re there from recruitment to placement; disability inclusion and diversity training for all team members; and ongoing, on-the-job support for new employees.

Our Community Employment Services help individuals obtain employment they can be proud of and achieve true progress towards independence. We proudly provide a reliable workforce solution that benefits businesses all across Ventura County.

For additional information, including becoming an employment partner, contact Scott Mangum, Program Manager, (805) 650-8611, Ext. 1150.


“The Arc participants brought heart to the company, which made us better people.”

          -  Cheryl Strieby, Implantech