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Community Living Services

The ability to live independently is a goal that many people set out to achieve. The Arc of Ventura County provides training and support to prepare individuals to successfully and comfortably live on their own.

Training for Independent Living (TIL)

Training for Independent Living (TIL) is a residential program designed to train and prepare adults with IDD to live independently. TIL program participants learn daily living skills, including banking, housekeeping, meal preparation, money management, personal care, shopping, accessing public transportation, and safety.

The Arc’s TIL Program is available in the City of Ventura. For additional information, contact: 805-643-2288.

Supported Services for Independent Living (SSIL)

Supported Services for Independent Living (SSIL) provides training and assistance for adults with IDD to achieve greater independence while living alone or with family. The service focuses on money management, shopping, meal preparation, health and medical care, housekeeping, advocacy, and support.

For additional information regarding the SSIL Program, contact (805) 650-8611, Ext. 3100.

Independant Living
Independant Living
Independant Living